Face Photography

The most popular Face Photos according to Flickr users.
© [PKPC]
Pradeepa Stairs
© _Paula AnDDrade
femme in red
© MattysFlicks
Self portrait - Tell me I'm pretty before I cry myself to sleep.
Street Faces /// Caras Callejeras
© Giulio Magnifico
Italians are still happy after all
© Thank you for 3M+ views.
Pre-flight Safety Checks! - Explore September 20th 2013 #302
© Don McCullough
© Franco Ferri Mala
Il venditore di caldarroste
© Steven Goethals
Bodi girl - Ethiopia
© Eric Lafforgue
Lilou, Afar woman, Danakil, Ethiopia
© FrankGuido
My Son
© Carl Stovell
Lurvely Member
Night Vision
© lilion (Beatrix Jourdan)
Lurvely Member
Portrait _i think she didn't like me..:D

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