Close-up Photography

The most popular Close-up Photos according to Flickr users.
© Julian Evil
Viva España!
© El druida
Cupido minimus
© j man.
Divine Daisy
© Andrea Costa Creative
Nature house - Praga
© klythawk
Growing fast......
© Piccolina Photography
Stella does her best impression of a rabbit's foot
© Hamed Saber
Clown or Grasshopper?
© Batikart
© Giulio Magnifico
32 (false) teeth in a smile!
© Zeb Andrews
The superbly wonderful magic of having summer in winter
© David Gn Photography
Golden Lion Tamarin Mother and Baby
© kypt@nuy
Lurvely Member
Weird Flower - Kniphofia
© Antoniologic 
© Antonio Leo - Ant, Macro Super big Ritratto di una Formica ---- 11000 view tank's-Grazie-
© Nanagyei

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