Guess who I am! photo by Nikola Rahme

Guess who I am! © Photo by Nikola Rahme

  • Taken in Zugliget, Budapest, Budapest X., Hungary on August 31, 2012.
  • Gymnosoma sp. (Diptera, Tachinidae) couple. Body size: 6 mm. Yet another common Tachinid species for a good early morning fun. I found them in this situation and thought they are still enough and motionless. After finishing the sequence realized the significant movement of the female's antennae. Luckily, I could resolve it in the stacking program, using 2-3 frames from the whole stack...

  • nature, natural light, macro, linear stage, insect, focus stack, flies, field shooting, early morning, Tachinidae, Diptera, Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Berlebach mini tripod, Asahi Pentax macro rail

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