Sashimi Lunch (Explore #61 August 16th, 2012) photo by tourtrophy

Sashimi Lunch (Explore #61 August 16th, 2012) © Photo by tourtrophy

  • Taken in Alaska, United States on July 31, 2010.
  • While taking a Ferry to Icy Strait Point from our cruise ship, I spotted this bald eagle hovering above. I then pulled out my 100-400mm big gun. When the eagle dove into the water, I squeezed several shots at it. One of them showed a piece of Sashimi in its beak. Unfortunately, I did not realize I had set my camera to JPEG only...

  • sashimi, ice strait point, eagle, canon eos 7d, canon, bald eagle, alaska, Explore, #61
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