Aug 12 photo by joybidge
  • © Photo by joybidge
  • Aug 12

    I love both art and music. Here, a musician proudly displays a fretless bass.

    August 31, 2012
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Art Details
By © Mező, Kornél (mostly away)
Window Art - Art sur fenêtre
By © monteregina
Detail from Pattern from Papercut of Qarawiyyin Mosque, Morocco
By © Ruth Mergi
1961 Chrysler 300
By © Duffey Petrosky
better than a love letter (29/8/12)
By © Charlotta love...
Porte (détail)
By © Jacques Place
2013 Upfest Bristol - Graffiti Art by Graffiti Artist: Mag1c
By © Andy_Hartley
Magic Carpet of Aladdin *Explored*
By © marco ferrarin
be ready for magic moments!
By © ♦ Peter & Ute Grahlmann ♦
Old King (Theater, detail, work in progress)
By © Yaroslav Gerzhedovich
Flower Art
By © Trev Bowling