White-Faced Scops Owl Fledgling photo by Stephen Bridson
Northern Hawk Owl Portrait
By © Stephen Bridson
Holiday Owl
By © Mark Dumont
Northern Hawk Owl (Explored)
By © Stephen Bridson
By © bitrot
Lurvely Member
Macaw (Explored)
By © Stephen Bridson
Animals of the Zoo Emmen in the Netherlands, 42
By © Andy von der Wurm
burrowing owl
By © Michael Leggero
Bird in Zoo Atlanta.. I don't remember the name!
By © Aveloce
Barn Owls (Part 1 of 4) - July 13
By © Jared Hughey
Great Horned Owl (flight, w/duck)
By © Hard-Rain
Barn Owl 3-0 F LR 10-27-13 J132
By © sunspotimages
Barred Owl - Non Digital
By © Ron Grafe