Bubble photo by Julian.Vassallo

Bubble © Photo by Julian.Vassallo

  • Taken on August 31, 2012.
  • ‎36/52 Tuesday 7th August 2012 The inspiration from this shot actually came from the Olympic games! I was watching some fencing on the TV and I thought that the masks which the athletes wear was just super cool. The fact that they're masked adds so much mystery in my opinion...a pretty cool sport! I will be abroad on holiday next week with my best friends! :D I won't be taking up my camera, so i guess no photos next week xD have a great one everyone! Oh, i also had a short interview about my work if you're interested in reading it :) www...

  • selfie, pink, leaves, leaf, hibiscus, flowers, chest, black, Self Portrait, Self, Portrait, Julian Vassallo, Canon EOS Rebel XS, Canon EOS 1000D, 50mm f1.4

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