Lotus 荷花 photo by Mel s very busy
By © Helefran
Giant water lily (in Explore)
By © wang_xiao
omg out of focus or camera shake?
By © makiko_11
Thursday Flower - Nymphaeaceae - Water Lily
By © sueeverettuk
Loser (Dry Lotus Leaf) / พ่ายแพ้ (ใบบัวแห้ง)
By © AmpamukA
So pink
By © Special Kylie
Water Lily Reflection
By © eric_hevesy
Water clover, Marsilea mutica
By © holdit.
Water Avens (Explored)
By © JulieK (busy ++ trying to catch up with comments)
Lily Pond Morning
By © mazzmn
Wild Aquatic Plants Lake Hovsgol Hovsgol National Park Mongolia
By © eriagn
"Idaho Dream"
By © Rob Macklin