Urban distortion photo by jmschrei
  • © Photo by jmschrei
  • Urban distortion

    Single in August - August 6 (extra) One shot each day with the FA 50/1.4!

    August 31, 2012
  • urban summer sky scraper reflections glass downtown architecture Pentax K-5 FA 50/1.4 Calgary Alberta
Milwaukee Art Museum
By © Max_Kas
By © paulgalbraith
Giants of Fenchurch
By © paulgalbraith
Dallas Architecture 9
By © rhennesy
Sky parking
By © Arni J.M.
Buildings In the Sky
By © Ernie Kwong Photography
Sky High - Explored
By © faranorclarke
Buhl Lake
By © Larry the Biker
"Straight Lines" photo by Matt Peterson. Distorted reflections of skyscrapers seen during a river tour in Chicago.
By © Flickr
Keep The Streets Empty For Me
By © Dimmilan
Almost finished breakfast
By © judith511