In the distance photo by Beata Rydén

In the distance © Photo by Beata Rydén

  • Taken on December 31, 2011.
  • This is the fourth picture in my series Finding peace. See the whole series here and read a description. The whole series is about the importance of integrity, wich I choose to illustrate with a big bubble. I´m using the bubble as a symbol because I want to visualise our inner struggle, the struggle we all have with putting up borders, but also letting other people in, close to our heart...

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© Beata Rydén
Finding peace
© William (tectum macula) Walsh
Harvard Red
© sahlgoode
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I see brick in the distance
© limnic6
finding peace in calm and cuddle with Katze #nowyouworkshops #elevatetheeveryday #mortalmuses #shuttersisters #ourcollectivemagic
© rcoses
Plaza Roja - Moscú. Red Square - Moscow
© gallserud
Old barn in a field of red clover
© blond avenger
Red Square
© Mike Cialowicz
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Finally, the Red Line
© suse 007
on the red square
© Sujit & Roz
red squares
© Stephen Dowling
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Red Square photo op