Captivate photo by Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)

Captivate © Photo by Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)

  • Taken on July 31, 2012.
  • Finding the edges, catching the currents. . Facebook.

  • twist, sky, self portrait, self, portrait, girl, freedom, fly, float, flight, feathery, feathers, cloudy, clouds, capture
© Javair Mansell
For the day i die, Imma touch the sky
© Regina Leah
a storm is coming alive.
© .bella.
© .bella.
109|365 ||| balance
© Bill Shupp
Self Portrait under the Stars
© Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)
Cloud Bringer
© Caitlyn Penke
91/365 far away and dreaming [explore #445]
© Samantha Stock
93 Million Miles
© Regina Leah
Longing for Your guiding light
© Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)
And the interstates don't connect where you are with what you've left
© Jessica Neuwerth (Fearless)
The distance between stars.