Mellow Yellow photo by Nuzulu
  • © Photo by Nuzulu
  • Mellow Yellow

    Now available to buy at Getty Images This was a test of my new Raynox DCR-250 filter that arrived today. It was an absolute bargain at £30 and I'm stunned by the quality it achieves fitted to the Fuji X10. Macro work is so much easier with a smaller sensor than on my DLSR. EXPLORED!!! AUGUST 2ND, 2012!!! WOO!!! Camera: Fujifilm X10 Lens: Fujinon Aspherical 7...

    August 31, 2012
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bee & butterfly on sunflower
By © † David Gunter
Bees and Sunflower
By © Chrissie2003
By © Aunt Owwee
By © Genuine dabber
Buzz Bee
By © Bruce_Hood
Bee Macro "explore"
By © Bob Noble Photography
Beautiful day in Southern Indiana
By © J K Johnson
By © Immagina
By © ddt_uul
Vũ điệu mê hoặc (Enchanting dance)
By © CORNER2012
Clouded Yellow Butterfly. 'coleas croceus' Explored
By © Paul (Barniegoog)
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Honey bee and yellow blooms 7 14 2013
By © rbdal (Rick Dalrymple)
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