the silk route traders.. photo by PNike (Prashanth Naik..back after ages)
  • © Photo by PNike (Prashanth Naik..back after ages)
  • the silk route traders..

    Well it is absolutely awesome to be able to have the time to post my images on Flickr. I have been away for too long to care but I'm not completely out (yet). A shot from my recent travels to places far and wide.. from some of the most amazing landscapes that I was fortunate to visit, experience and capture...

    July 31, 2012
  • Jammu and Kashmir, India
  • sky sand pnike mountains leh landscape ladakh india himalayas desert cold clouds camels blue asia
Ancient Pine on Hawksbill Mountain
By © R. Keith Clontz
_MG_1275 - Moraine Lake in blue. ©Jerry Mercier
By © jerry mercier
End of the Day on Big Yellow Mountain
By © R. Keith Clontz
Mountain Swirls
By © Canon Queen Rocks (820,000 + views)
Moving Clouds
By ©
By © Sizzo-grafy
Mountain and flowers (jerusalem artichoke)
By © C-Smooth
Yukon, Lakes and Mountains
By © Ballygrant Boy
Icy Blue
By © richjjones
Dramatic Clouds, Brora Beach, Brora, Sutherland, March 2012, Explored#133
By © allanmaciver
Mountain Beauty
By © stevenbulman44