The Milky Way Over See Canyon photo by Mimi Ditchie

The Milky Way Over See Canyon © Photo by Mimi Ditchie

© slworking2
Milky Way and radar dome atop Mount Laguna
© nate2b
Perseid Meteor and Milky Way
© photofanman
Milky Way Aspens, June Lake, California
© photofanman
The Milky Way Flow
© photofanman
Milky Way over Mono Lake (facing south)
© Bill Shupp
Milky Way from Glacier Point
© Michael_Underwood
Lake San Cristobal at Night
© Bill Shupp
Milky Way Rising Over Mt. Shasta
© Jeff D. Muth
Milky Way
© The Pootie (Lisa) trying to catch up
Stars Reflected
© melfoody
Night Ride