Untitled photo by Tessa Beligue

Untitled © Photo by Tessa Beligue

  • Taken on July 31, 2012.
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  • silhouette, shadows, hot girl, graffiti, drama, contrast, composition, captivating, blackandwhite, beautifullight, astounding, amazing, abandoned, Queens, Out with Zehava
© Super G
above the plume
© Alexandr Tikki
Shadow game
© Pro-Zak
© Amandaclicks
Playing Under the Pines
© Juliana Lauletta
155/365 I believe I can fly
© Amandaclicks
Navigating the Ice (Explored)
© bethany-hirst
Tunbridge Wells
© Mister T'
The date...
© creativegaz
Hot beach (Explored Feb 14 2014)
© Jonathan Aubry
Abandoned girl in a hospital
© Antonio Carrillo (Ancalop)
Shadow girl
© Mandlenkhosi
In shadow (explored)