Moments of Precious Peace photo by _Paula AnDDrade

Moments of Precious Peace © Photo by _Paula AnDDrade

  • Taken in Aruba on June 30, 2012.
  • Self Portrait. In the last years I've felt the weight of getting older and working too much. As much energy as I still might have, it's not the same! Youth, it does make a difference in many things! As we grow older we become wiser, definitely, but how wonderful would it be if we didn't have to deal with some issues in the process! Because of spending too much time on the computer and also the way I photograph, I have problems on my right wrist...

  • woman, sunset, sky, sea, p├íssaros, praia, mulher, dress, boat, birds, beach, Paula Anddrade, Caribe, Caribbean, Aruba

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