the gatekeeper photo by Valerie Kasinski
  • © Photo by Valerie Kasinski
  • the gatekeeper

    27/52 view HERE please :) I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea to go out in 85 degree weather with a robe. And I don't think i'll ever remember bug spray on shoots. I really wanted to use one of my 46235 lanterns for a photo. I like experimenting and trying new things with photos. I need to remember to create art for myself - I tend to always forget that...

    July 31, 2012
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By © Rebecca Mahoney
a thousand slowly dying sunsets
By © Rebecca Mahoney
By © Lana Galina
Green leaf shadows (Explored 29-07-14)
By © Sundornvic
Light through the leaves (Canna sp.)
By © Butterfly Psyche
By © Rebecca Mahoney
So In Love
By © cwags3
To the light (Explored)
By © guitarmate
By © Jordan Green
Basking in the window's light.
By © olivia bee
green world
By © makiko_11