All the Pretty Things photo by Marwane Pallas

All the Pretty Things © Photo by Marwane Pallas

  • Taken on April 30, 2010.
  • I wanted new photos of my little sister to put in my book. I was very frustrated when I shoot it. I was not expecting the editing to work. I 'm more satisfied than I thought I will. I will shot more photos for this series next week. I took all the pretty things from the house again. ◊ Tumblr ◊ Deviantart ◊ Facebook ◊ Personal Fb page ◊ Formspring

© {Lindsey M Photography}
{8/52}- My Sisters
© Bkutlak H.D
Red sweet little thing
© Giulio Magnifico
The life is a thing for strong women
© V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber
LEGO Big Daddy Little Sisters and Portal by V&A Steamworks
© Sarah J. Poe
Pretty little thing, v. 2 (Explored)
© V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber
Bioshock Little Sisters by V&A Steamworks
© Ed Speir IV
NECA Bioshock - Big Sister/Little Sister
© AnInklingSR
My little sister
© Toypincher
© crossfirecw
Pretty Pitt
© Ed Speir IV
NECA Bioshock - Subject Delta/Little Sister
© bunchofpants
the small dogs are skeptical