Flooded Fly [EXPLORE FRONT PAGE] photo by MartynHall ∂Ξ(Gaining interest)
Stilt Legged FLy Portrait
By © Phi Dao
Fly #?
By © Matt "Murph" Murphy
Flesh Fly (Sarcophagidae)
By © Graham'M
Dolichopodid fly
By © Techuser
Fly on the Wall
By © Ben Unleashed!
Fly Head
By © Kingsley Swamidoss
Mantis Fly Close-Up
By © roblunetta
Fly Head
By © Lord V
6 Spot....BBC's Nature "Photo of the Day", 9th July.
By © klythawk
Orthetrum sp
By © remus3374
4450_Long legged fly portrait
By © Phi Dao
Can't Make Up My Mind
By © TC Morgan