Hot Day For Osprey! photo by JRIDLEY1
  • © Photo by JRIDLEY1
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    July 31, 2012
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fly like a bird
By © .bella.
Solo Flight
By © aussiegall
Broken Wing
By © tinyfishy (Gone to Argentina)
By © Viking-
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Spoonie Fly By........D800
By © Larry Daugherty ~ Very Slow for several days :-)
Fly away
By © Simply Debbie =]
Feather and birds tattoo
By © Miguel Angel tattoo
Small fly mimic "I'm not a bee"
By © DoctorTimbo
Fly by snatching. Explored!
By © Dean Ruben.
Green-winged Teals [Explored - Thanks!]
By © Jeff Bray
Flying Fox (EXPLORED)
By © oosh
beTweEn a wiNg_&_APaiR
By © SteveStudio.GrandPaparazzi