A q u a B l o o m photo by Lee Sie
  • © Photo by Lee Sie
  • A q u a B l o o m

    Today I had the opportunity to shoot with Max Vuong and David Thompson down at the reefs. We all went separate ways on a mission to find a good shot. The skys were grey with little hope of getting anything good. Then Max discovered this colorful patch of sea life and it took the three of us to produce this shot...

    July 31, 2012
  • Azure Vista, San Diego, California, United States
  • underwater tidepool shells sealife sea ocean crab colors anemone What a piece of crab!
Sea Power Glass Wall Wave
By © William Dalton
Colorful clingers (Hermit crabs, Coenobita clypeatus)
By © Butterfly Psyche
Sea Turtle
By © Mauro Luna
Ocean stingrays
By © Cake Diane Custom Cake Studio (eyedewcakes)
Ocean Blue
By © Micartttt
Children Of The Sea
By © Stuart Addelsee
parachute in the sea - Ya Ya
By © don2g
Biggest Shark Of The Oceans
By © ₪ Mathieu Pierre photography
Water colors
By © Simon Ska
Colors of Zanzibar (view on Black)
By © Isabella C. Soniak
Mussel Shells
By © Evelyn Flint
Lurvely Member
Back from the Red Sea!!
By © buhamdi