BTR-60 photo by Eturior
  • © Photo by Eturior
  • BTR-60

    Finalized design? Any more improvements?

    July 31, 2012
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T-72AV (2)
By © Babalas Shipyards
T-72AV (1)
By © Babalas Shipyards
Same Purpose, Different Designs. :)
By © D-Town Cracka
Cold War Assassin - He's Coming...
By © Phoenix Custom Bricks
Lego ZPU-4
By © NoahBA5
Distant Early Warning
By © Keith Goldman
SA-4 'Ganef' / 2K11 Krug
By © D-Town Cracka
Dragunov SVD
By © Justsuper9
economy strikes back
By © jooka5000
Lurvely Member
Custom Lego COG SIlverback-Pecovam Style
By © pecovam
WW1 - Eastern Front Trench Raid
By © Ļit
The March to Berlin
By © Tomcat Bobcat