We all have the tools to fly, just imagine you can [Explored & FP] photo by Rubén Chase
  • © Photo by Rubén Chase
  • We all have the tools to fly, just imagine you can [Explored & FP]

    I edited this yesterday at night, relaxing while I was watching "House" on TV. Yesterday, a spanish web page called Xatakafoto maked me an interview to write an article on their web about me and my photos. I'm so excited! I have just created a Facebook Fan Page, you can check out here PD: This photo is today Explore #1...

    June 30, 2012
  • Perillo, Corunna, Galicia, Spain
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wanna fly?
By © Nasey
On Neon Wings
By © matthewblakepowers
Angel's Wings (CinemaScope Version)
By © Ateens Chen
FLIGHT AND LIGHTNING... The captain Zanette dedicates this photo to the captain Andrei Jose in memoriam
The Modern Wing - flying carpet
By © charlesgyoung
Ordinary Fly
By © Anthrophobiac
Spread Your Wings and Fly
By © Isolino
Lurvely Member
Fly By
By © Vipul Hitesh
Spoonie Fly By........D800
By © Larry Daugherty ~ Very Slow for several days :-)
and falling, they're given wings.
By © Sarah Ann Loreth
Small fly mimic "I'm not a bee"
By © DoctorTimbo
the fly 2
By © alan guido