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  • Taken on June 30, 2012.
  • Cause everything just goes away my friend And every king knows it to be true That every kingdom must one day come to an end.

© meeyak
Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is going to be alright. (Explored)
© AmyJanelle
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and I loved you every mile you drove away
© Vivid~David
Best Friend Forever !!
© wbirt1
A Small Gathering of Friends
© E=mcSCOW
Missing Friends at the Altar in the Wilderness known as the King of Wings
© Tasha MarĂ­e
everything looks perfect from far away (51/52)
© Julie Whitmore Pottery
thank you dear friend
© *Evelina*
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Friends Will Be Friends
© Bianca Mabanta
I know, Rufus. I know.
© Kate Kinley
Hello Old Friend.
© Spencer Fields
you're the best friend, that I've ever had.
© davewebster14
Friends Burial Ground, Darlington, County Durham