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  • Meet Meggie

    Posing so proudly is Meggie, my new sidekick and companion. She arrived yesterday from southern Missouri with her sister Jessie (Laurie's new bundle of trouble). Meggie is a purebred Red Heeler aka Australian Cattle Dog or Queensland. I know that the two of them will soon start filling my flckr stream with multitudes of interesting images as they grow and develop...

    June 30, 2012
  • Colburn, Bonner, Idaho, United States
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Kratos says, "Nice to meet you." (Explored)
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Vizsla Puppies
By © Steel City Vizsla
Vizsla Puppies
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By © renata ®
Another meeting of the duck, the dog and the frog.
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The Dog Who Fell To Earth
By © Ryan McGoverne Photo
Yetti, Warthog?
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Corrida.Fight of "bulls".
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Lurvely Member
Gracie, waiting for her mom..
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