An Unexpected Discovery photo by -infomaniac-

An Unexpected Discovery © Photo by -infomaniac-

  • Taken on June 30, 2012.
  • Sometimes there is more to a story than just what the eyes can see... Based on the upside down Western Air Temple from Avatar the Last Airbender, and posted today to remind you all to catch the season Finale of the Legends of Korra tomorrow! (Credit for the main photo goes to Nannan) Oh, and It was great meeting/seeing everyone at Brickworld this year! I hope to see you all again sometime...

© Digger1221
Unexpected Discovery
© Ashley Cohen Photography
Linnet - Unexpected discovery
© VisitScotland
Discovery at dawn
© blueforce4116
© Crosshatchs
Lifestory | Sometimes up,Sometimes down [Explored#3]
© Nadja Lossgott
© Samuel Santiago
Discovery Muse at Lake Eola Park (Dedicated to Flashfix)(Explored)
© Dave Thurlow Photography
NASA Space Shuttle Discovery STS-133 Long Exposure
© Ben_Cooper
STS-133: Fisheye view, Discovery on the pad for final mission
© Kidman Latte (Kimmy Latte)
I Wear - January 28
© first 65706
First PMT 34286 ( The Discovery Academy ....)