Stormy Sunset, Alabama Hills (Eastern Sierra) photo by Robin Black Photography

Stormy Sunset, Alabama Hills (Eastern Sierra) © Photo by Robin Black Photography

  • Taken in Alabama Hills, Inyo, California, United States on July 31, 2011.
  • I posted a couple of shots from this day many months ago, and worked on one last shot a few days ago that I like. This was a BIG stormlots of lightning, and so much rain that it chased hikers off of Mt. Whitney and closed the Mt. Whitney trail for 24 hours. When we finally decided to stop dodging lightning and get the heck out, they were closing down Whitney Portal Road because Lone Pine Creek had flooded...

  • sunset, summer, stormy, storm, sierra nevada, red, range of light, purple, pink, monsoon, high sierra, fiery, eastern sierra, colorful, alabama hills

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