Mind's Eye photo by Photo-tistic
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  • Mind's Eye

    refers to the human ability for visualization with the mind as a mental image, to "see" things with the mind The art of photography which covers a vast diverse range of visions is sometimes visualized in the "mind's eye" before it becomes an image...

    June 30, 2012
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By © manchesterblue59
"The Grass is Green. The Daisies are White" Cake
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By © jonahhhh
Yellow Daisy flowers blooming in the summer sun!
By © Manos Eleftheroglou (Photography)
Flowers (Daisies)
By © Doctor Christopher
Gerbera Daisy
By © NM Flower Girl
Wild Daisy 野雛菊
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Enjoy: The Mexican Coca~Cola Flower
By © hbmike2000
Gerbera Daisy 太陽菊
By © MelindaChan ^..^
dill daisy
By © ZdenaB (out for a while)
By © Lorrainec55
English Daisy_3995
By © Mike Head - Jetwashphotos