Cpt. Kirk, the Soulful Homeless Man photo by Pichaya V. (Zolashine)

Cpt. Kirk, the Soulful Homeless Man © Photo by Pichaya V. (Zolashine)

  • Taken in San Francisco, California, United States on June 30, 2012.
  • I came across captain Kirk (he told me to call him Kirk, from Star Trek) near Macy in downtown San Francisco. He is a soulful and dramatic guy. He thanks all of the bypassers with his special move everytime he is given money. Facebook | 500px | Twitter | Tumblr

  • Zolashine, United States of America, USA, Street, Stranger Portrait, San Francisco, Portrait, Pichaya Viwatrujirapong, Nikon D4, Homeless, City, California, Bay Area, 35mm

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