hoo hoo HOO - Brown Wood Owl photo by My Planet Experience

hoo hoo HOO - Brown Wood Owl © Photo by My Planet Experience

  • Taken on October 31, 2011.
  • The Brown Wood Owl - Strix leptogrammica - is an owl which located in south Asia from India and Sri Lanka east to western Indonesia and south China. It is an uncommon resident bird of dense forests and is very nocturnal . It feeds mainly on small mammals birds and reptiles. This species belongs to the earless owl genus Strix...

  • 貓頭鷹, 茶色の木材フクロウ, 布朗木, strix leptogrammica, strix, owl, hoo, chouette leptogramme, chouette, bruna ligno-Strigo, brown wood owl, Brown Wood-сова, Brown Madeira-Coruja, Brown Kayu-Owl, Brown Gỗ-Owl

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