Ross Jones Memorial Pool photo by Monochrome Visions

Ross Jones Memorial Pool © Photo by Monochrome Visions

  • Taken in Coogee, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on June 30, 2012.
  • Series of two, shot at Coogee Beach at high tide just after sunset, waves lit up by pool lights. June 2012.

  • dexodexo, Waves, Sydney, Square, Seascape, Pool, Night, Movement, Long Exposure, Flow, Douwe Dijkstra, Coogee, Concrete, Black & White, Australia
© Ufuksal
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© Luke Robinson
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The Smith Tower, Pioneer Square, Seattle.
© benalesh1985
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© Dr Abbate
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© Shawn Hoke
Shake Shack at Night, 8x10 Fuji HR-T X-Ray Film
© Thierry Hudsyn
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© -yury-
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© Clint Sharp
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© REDbiv
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© Joe R. Reed
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© WilliamMarlow
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