construction/destruction 2011 photo by Gripa the rookie

construction/destruction 2011 © Photo by Gripa the rookie

  • Taken on June 30, 2012.
  • Arnemoner

© Ned Lyttelton
machine of destruction (detail)
© Andrew Kufahl
Day 236 of 365 - The Self-Destruction Of Kings
© CharlesFred
Lurvely Member
Tarlabasi, up for destruction
© striatic
stanley park
© creed_400
Grand Rapids history
© strange brain
all existence is interwoven
© ArchitecturalAfterlife
© Paul Mercado (Dre Merc)
Black Rock Shooter: The Game
© pavasman
Now that you're gone i can say that I love you | Agora que já não existes já posso dizer que te amo
© cobalt123
The Next Katrina
© de:mo
Lost City (Vintage look)
© astikhin
Reflection of New York City.