Picture Puzzle - Balusters or Frogs ? photo by Batikart... off !!!

Picture Puzzle - Balusters or Frogs ? © Photo by Batikart... off !!!

  • Taken in Stuttgart, Stadtkreis Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany on March 31, 2012.
  • I saw two different images. In the display of my camera I saw the stone wall and in the folder of my computer in the small version it looks like frogs in profile with hats in tailcoats in a row ;-)) View the small photo in my comment ... what do you see? Nice to view Large On Black Thanks Paul for remind me of "Vexierbild" (picture puzzle) © 2012 Ursula Sander - All rights reserved...

  • wall, structure, stone, pillar, margin, historisch, historic, edge, column, architecture, Säule, Steinmauer, Begrenzung, Bauwerk, Architektur

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