The Last Thing A Gopher Wants to See photo by Bill Gracey
  • © Photo by Bill Gracey
  • The Last Thing A Gopher Wants to See

    We had a nesting owl box installed on our property early last year, because we hoped that it would help with our gopher problem, and because we like birds. Ten days later a pair of owls moved into the box, and a short time later a couple of baby barn owls were hatched. This year another pair of owls were hatched, and this is one of them coming in for a landing on top of the nest box...

    June 30, 2012
  • Lakeside, San Diego, California, United States
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The last thing I expected to see jump out of the box was Albert Einstein!! [Explored]
By © Tara Tanaka Digiscoped Photography
Things are looking up
By © stochasticmotions
By © Sandy Stewart
Barn Owls In Nest
By © CR Courson
Owl Leaving The Nest
By © Elliot young
Owl Nesting Season2
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"Silent Barred Stalker" Barred Owl Perched in Western Redcedar at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver BC 25Sep2010
By © frosty_white_raven
Barn owl (Tyto alba)
By © sdttds
By © Toypincher
Beach House (Victoria Legrand) _BH07195xr
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Family of Little Owl chicks (Athena noctua)
By © phil winter
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