夕照雲海 Golden Sunset photo by Singer 晴哥

夕照雲海 Golden Sunset © Photo by Singer 晴哥

  • Taken on March 31, 2012.
  • 九份山城雲海 sea of clouds

  • 雲海, 蕃子澳, 芋圓, 福山宮, 深澳灣, 深澳漁港, 海上雲海, 東海, 悲情城市, 崙子澳鼻, 寺廟, 九份, sea of clouds, sea, Jioufen
© Sharad Medhavi
Sunset at the beach
© Back-slowly catching up
Beyond the sunset, cloud and the sea
© Phani Naraparaju
Gold Coast Sunset
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Sun, Rocks & Atlantic Ocean
© Duarte Santos [catching up]
turn on the light
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sunset and clouds
© kazs2307
Golden seashore 3
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Dress Me Up with this Golden Sun
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Golden morning
© Thai pix Wildlife photography,,
a Golden moment (Straat Singapore)