Sublimation photo by Brad.Wagner
  • © Photo by Brad.Wagner
  • Sublimation

    279/365 Last time I was back home my mom suggested I take my old graduation gown and use it for photos since it really serves no other purpose anymore. I love my momma. This started out as a shot for a series I'm thinking about shooting, but the weather got really windy/rainy/dark and I ended up shooting this...

    May 31, 2012
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The Dandenongs Forest
By © Carlos Barrero
with my head in the clouds
By © generalstussner
Cairngorm Sunrise
By © chuckrock123
Shenandoah Day's End ~Explore~
By © Tom Lussier Photography
look somewhere else.
By © CHUCKage
Yosemite Valley
By © x-ray tech
Snow cloud
By © nag #12
By © nicholasdyee
A wind to carry me over this world
By © Brad.Wagner
Lone Tree - Wanaka 2
By © Jay Daley
Don't Explain
By © code poet