heavy metal  : photo by andre govia.
  • © Photo by andre govia.
  • heavy metal :

    Metal Fatigue and decay in the abandoned power plant

    April 30, 2012
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Eagle River Power Plant 2011.
By © porc3laind0ll
Power Plant III
By ©
You Are Not in Control
By © jgurbisz
By © 95wombat
Power Plant I - Emergency
By © bestarns []
Lurvely Member
Centrale Thermique
By © ☽FilthCity☾
Powerplant K.
By © B. de Visser
Heavy metal
By © mde..
Inside The Whale
By © RiddimRyder
Satsop Nuclear Power
By © sharkhats
Reactor Building
By © Amy Heiden
Power Plant SR
By © jrej