☾ Moros y Cristianos Elda 2012 (XII) ☽ photo by Images ● Fantasy
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  • ☾ Moros y Cristianos Elda 2012 (XII) ☽

    * Boato Entrada Mora \_|_/ Boato Moors Entrance * Moros y Cristianos Elda 2012 - Moors and Christians Elda 2012 MCE2012©XII

    June 30, 2012
  • Elda, Alicante, Valencia, Spain
  • woman tradition tradición tourism retrato retrat red portrait moros y cristianos moors and christians elda 2012 Valencian Community Sony Alpha a100 Popular holiday of Tourist Interest Pais Valencià Moros y Cristianos Elda 2012
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