Shaking polar bear IV photo by Tambako the Jaguar
By © JP Diroll (Durall069)
The Huntress Part Two
By © Tasha Maríe
“Come on in! The Water’s Fine.”
By © Eddie C3
The Polar bear
By © Danny Beattie
Gary, April 2013 (1)
By © foxymrcroup
spin dry
By © Rupert stockwin
Self-Portrait on a Rainy Day
By © CaptPiper
Holy water
By © Alma Photography ☺
now that's a good idea she said she said
By © buffarches
Earth's heartbeat.
By © David Uzochukwu
firefighters new blood [Explored, May 11, 2013]
By © Fotasca
Surfer Model in Hawaii
By © Julia Bach Photography