Totem Toulouse France Finale photo by Mr.TOTEM

Totem Toulouse France Finale © Photo by Mr.TOTEM

  • Taken on May 31, 2012.
  • The last one for the road.. This wall is only with Reso Wildboys and Moun.. connector later when Reso shoots it to me. This was at Resos personal hall of fame, and a hall of fame it was!

© Lemotmagik
By Spazm
© pjc&co
Lasiommata megera, Wall
© Johannes Valkama
Road in Normandy
© balavenise
By Jef Aerosol, StreetArt, Paris, France
© regina_austria
Road to St. Remy
© perkster24
Road to Nowhere #Explore
© Tampen
© Tampen
Stair dog
© Canonshot Mole
The Avenue
© ∃Scape
Alexandre III & Invalides
© Lancashire Lass ...... :) :) :)
The Trough Road
© Punkroyaltiger
Mickey and friend