THE OKU RIVER WALK on CHILDREN'S DAY photo by Okinawa Soba (Rob)

THE OKU RIVER WALK on CHILDREN'S DAY © Photo by Okinawa Soba (Rob)

  • Taken in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan on May 31, 2012.
  • NOTE : The above photo was a quick pick by Flickr for a "Flickr Blog" posting. Thanks, Flickr ! The river you see through the railings starts way back up in the hills - farther than the farthest peak you can see in the distance. The waters are always fresh, clear, and clean...

  • Wind Socks, Village, Oku Village, Oku, Kunigami-son, Hanging, Flying, Fish, Festivities, Festival, Decorations, Children's Day, Celebrations, Celebration, Carp

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