Lanier Reflections photo by John Cothron

Lanier Reflections © Photo by John Cothron

  • Taken on January 31, 2012.
  • This image was taken on Velvia film at Wahoo Creek Park on Lake Lanier in Georgia. Wahoo Creek Park is a recreation area on the north end of Lake Lanier in Hall County, GA. It is located on Mt. Vernon Road at the south end of the Wahoo Creek Bridge. It is a relatively small park but does have a boat ramp and a few wooded trails leading to the lake...

  • color, cold, cloud, Wahoo Creek Park, Sekor Z 50mm f4.5W, RVP 100F, Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, Lake Lanier, John Cothron, Hall County, Georgia, Gainesville, Fuji Velvia 100F, Cothron Photography, 6x7 format
© Bella Lisa
Big Creek Park at Lake Lanier
© John Cothron
Perfect Calm
© John Cothron
Fire in the Sky
© John Cothron
Night Light
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Arrowhead Lake, Kings Canyon National Park
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Topsy Turvey
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ducks fisher lakes saint john - Nov 18 2006 206 6x4 s sh
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John McLenaghan Photography - Orlando LAKE EOLA at Night
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late winter evening at frozen Windsor lake, St. John's
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Classic Lyme Hall
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