Photoshoot Dodge Challenger R/T Classic (*explored) photo by Bas Fransen Photography
  • © Photo by Bas Fransen Photography
  • Photoshoot Dodge Challenger R/T Classic (*explored)

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    April 30, 2012
  • “Horse “Dodge Power” Power Photoshoot Horse Dodge Classic” Classic Challenger” Challenger Automotive Automobile Auto American
Plum Crazy
By © Ivey-Pix
1939 Dodge truck
By © dave_7
Dodge Charger
By © Asen Todorov
Collection of authentic classic car badges.
By © Jimmy Tyler
classic (self) portrait
By © neuza teixeira
Auto d'epoca
By © Anteriorechiuso Santi Diego
By © Jekurantodistaja
St. Marys Challenger
By © Chris Gaziano
Dodge Challenger
By © Brett Levin Photography
By © beedubz
A new Christine in town ?
By © Maxime Jouet / El-Astic
By © Lars Erik Skrefsrud