Ride A White Swan photo by tobysx70
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  • Ride A White Swan

    Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Memorial, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, California [Polaroid SX-70 TELE/1.5 lens] [PX 100 COOL - 7th picture] L/D wheel 1 1/2 to dark Outside temp 80F / 27C (camera & film probably 70F ish) Shot in shade towards bright midday sun Shielded and put in box to develop, no heating Scanned @ 4 hours

    April 30, 2012
  • Hollywood Studio District, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • The Impossible Project The Tele/1.5 TIP Sonar Silver Shade Silver Shade SX-70 Project Polaroid PX 100 COOL Impossible COOL 100
Wrapped In Plastic 2
By © tobysx70
Full Moon Over Downtown
By © tobysx70
'Roid Week Sunset
By © tobysx70
IMG_1500 Memories Naked Ladies
By © hobbitcamera
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By © 我的嘴唇比牛雜還柔軟
Just caught
By © Blitzwuerfel (flash cube)
One night in Berlin
By © Blitzwuerfel (flash cube)
By © Blitzwuerfel (flash cube)
By © Eva Flaskas
Neal's Yard Dairy (Borough Market)
By © tobysx70
By © J Caldwell
Fredericksburg National Cemetery 18th Annual Memorial Luminaria
By © Dwood Photography