American Goldfinch photo by alanj2007
Staying Close To Mama!
By © Insu Nuzzi
A Bronx View – Getting my Ducks in Order
By © Eddie C3
New York Aerial #04
By © Tim Sklyarov
By © mudder_bbc
Heron at sunset (Please click on photo to see on black)
By © Digisnapper (George)
Male Spruce Grouse
By © Greg Schneider (
To Let Go Of Every Sigh And Every Sorrow.
By © | Jared Tyler
Seemingly Surreal Swallows in a Spring Snowstorm
By © kdee64
Happy Jack
By © kdee64
Hummingbird Garden
By © Dream Source Studio
Barred Owl in heavy snowfall
By © Greg Schneider (
(N.American Species # 497) Evening Grosbeak Bullying Another
By © tinyfishy (Gone to Asia)