Taelor {Redding, Ca portrait photographer} photo by Taylor McCutchan
  • © Photo by Taylor McCutchan
  • Taelor {Redding, Ca portrait photographer}

    Finally got the opportunity to shoot for myself again. It seems like the longer I go without shooting personal work, the worse mood I'm in. It's a strange thing. No matter how busy you get or little you think you have around you, shoot as much as possible. Always get better and always progress. I can't tell you how good it felt to pick up a camera and just do my thing for the first time in months...

    May 31, 2012
Portrait of a Red Kite = Rotmilan
By © Andy von der Wurm
Red-tailed Hawk portrait {Explored!! Thank you very much!!!}
By © Mawrter
Red apples.
By © Lua Corujeira.
Red tailed Hawk_04_03_14_Vista CA 050
By © Ryan Rubino
Red Fan
By © skinr
Sarah and Jameson Engagement portrait 2
By © kirk.pinto
London Shoot
By © Stephanie Beagley
By © philipbouchard
Self Portrait
By © katieblench
red riding hood
By © arrowlili
Hair Bow Portrait
By © Ned (gr8sublime)
Self Portrait
By © mollyporter