~ blossom de flickr ~ photo by Janey Kay
~ the only way to avoid having people in your photo on a sunny Sunday afternoon ~
By © Janey Kay
~ Paris ~
By © Janey Kay
Paris Gray
By © April Joy Gutel
Cherry Blossom in Paris
By © Loïc Lagarde
Paris 17e, Lacaille - Legendre
By © Frédéric Glorieux
By © Liisa Toomus
~ that Friday evening feeling ~
By © Janey Kay
By © Michel Couprie
Lurvely Member
The Louvre at night
By © marianboulogne
The Louvre in Paris France
By © (RayH)
Paris France at the river Seine
By © (RayH)
Paris, France - HDR
By © Stuart-Saunders