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  • Taken on June 30, 2011.
  • Solstice Retouch - - High End Retouching Before & After Video - "I used Photoshop, I don't have any actions or plugins. You can check out some of what went into it here: he-anatomy-o...

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© Ernie Kwong Photography
The End..
© arrowlili
dolly mixture
© arrowlili
green bow
© Hutech_f2.2 Half a Million+ Views!!!
End of Days in Black and White II_edited-1
© Christophe Kiciak
The Last Journey
© Jordan A. W
Emerge from the Darkness
© Yohsuke_NIKON_Japan
Stockholm Beautiful Sunset [After Painful Editing] [Explored]
© elise **
i love begginings; i hate ends
Monster High Frankie Stein second edition 2012 comparison box
© thami.mitten
Bench Monday, Big Foot edition!
End of Tunnel (Black & White)
© jasontheaker