Naglo D.II Quadruplane W1 - Enhanced Version photo by thegreatlandoni

Naglo D.II Quadruplane W1 - Enhanced Version © Photo by thegreatlandoni

  • Taken on January 31, 2012.
  • 3,739-23-192 ... Denver suburbs, Colorado, USA This is an enhanced version of a previously posted photo ... not to make the photo "prettier" but to try and reveal as much detail as possible. ... Compare to original version below. ... Click on version below for a larger view. WWI aeroplane model enthusiasts often joke about wanting a plastic kit of this plane...

  • plane, experimental, airplane, aircraft, aeroplane, WWI, WW1, Spandau, Quadruplane, Naglo Quadruplane, Naglo Bootswerft, Naglo, D.II, Berlin, 1918

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