inhale/exhale. photo by Casey David

inhale/exhale. © Photo by Casey David

  • Taken in Dora, Walker, Alabama, United States on December 31, 2011.
  • 225/365 inhale. breathe the smoke filling your lungs and hold it long enough to exhale into the room that burns around you and breathe the memories flickering around you before you inhale for a final time as the flames lick your boots and the leather on your jacket curdles as the fire exhales...

  • window, smoking, smoke, reflection, reflect, mirror, inhale, house, guy, fire, exhale, circle, cigarettes, burning, blinds
© Stephen Criscolo
© Gaia2313
Wild Fire, 147.365
© BeanheadWisconsin
Burning Field
© Sea Moon
Laminar Smoke
© GillyFace
Fire Inside
© alexstoddard
The book burning.
© cooler than h2o
Falling Fire
© | Jared Tyler
Before Dawn Blinks, I Am Ash.
© Michael McCarty
Smoldering pine cone
© Kyle.Thompson
© southall6
© Brooke Golightly
me acerco al fuego